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Tempered Zealot Movies on iPod

All Tempered Zealot movies are now available for download to your iPod or other mp4 playing devices. Just go to the movie's site and to the video page where you will find the 'Download for iPod'  link.



ATW 3 DVD Cover


Anyone looking to print a cover for their A Thousand Words: Revelation DVD can now do so. With apologies for taking so long to get around to it, we present the cover in two formats.

The first format is with a full bleed border (requires trimming). This is the version you would use with DVD insert paper. The other version has no bleed (already cropped) and you can just print it and trim the edges.

Download Full Bleed Cover

Download Cropped Cover

You can purchase DVD Case Inserts at office or computer stores, here is a link to some - Avery DVD Case Inserts at Office Depot


ATW: Revelation


FINALLY! We are glad to present the DVD of A Thousand Words: Revelation.

This is a FREE download of a DVD in an ISO (image) file that you can play on your computer (with the right software) or that you can burn to a DVD for play on a DVD player.

For more information on how to do this check out these links:


How to play an ISO file

How to burn an ISO file

We are going to be offering three versions of the movie for download. VERSION 1 is how the movie was meant to be seen. VERSION 2 is edited for color and a couple tweaks based on feedback from public screenings. VERSION 3 will be a no effects version where all the visual effects have been removed to show the footage plainly.

Version 1 is available now, Version 2 will be available shortly, and Version 3 will come in the next week or so.

Right now, please enjoy Version 1 of the Tempered Zealot Production of A Thousand Words: Revelation. For more information on this movie please visit the official page of the movie: ATW: Revelation Official Site.


DOWNLOAD: Version 1

DOWNLOAD: Version 2






It's been a long time coming but here is a glimpse at the upcoming feature movie DREAM THIRTEEN.